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This is a typical question you must have contemplated seriously at least once in life.

What is a peaceful death

Most of the people are scared of death.  You and me - no exception, right?

Every body wishes to live longer or rather an eternal life.

The question regarding our own death starts haunting us - like 

  • how 
  • in what form
  • will it be natural or accidental
  • whether we will be bedridden for a long period before welcoming own death. 
Such contemplation is but natural due to the  concern for our own loved ones, dear ones,  dependents, spouse, children, property, wealth and so on.


Peaceful Own Death


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Generally, peaceful death implies -

  • the dying person settles all the transactions related to the material world satisfying every one
  • manner of dying - dying without pains, preferably in deep sleep, having not to live bed-ridden for days, or any accidental and painfully violent death


The next question comes to mind is -


Well, as is known, death is very uncertain, unpredictable. 

No body has been able to claim to have peaceful own death only. 

But if asked, every body will, after initial hesitation, express his desire for peaceful death.

And our inner most desire is, if death is inevitable, then let it be peaceful. At least painless.

But the definition  of own peaceful death varies.

For example, one concentrates on how to have peaceful death having settled every thing related to the material world.


Such people try to make all possible arrangements- like preparation of will in time, lay down preferences for the last rites to be performed, ensuring proper disposal of their material property etc.

At the same time, some try to take care of post-death arrangements- like type and place of last rites to be performed, whom to invite and so on. 

In short, what one thinks important, pays attention to that aspect of death.

But  the kind of death is totally different matter.

And every one wants natural, peaceful death, preferably while in deep sleep.

No body wants to get bed-ridden waiting for the last relief, wasting days and troubling others by lying in coma etc.

No body wants painful death. And it is natural also.


And when we observe wide spectrum of forms of death, we some time wonder what could be the eligibility criteria  for peaceful own death.

And inevitably it is found that there is no such criteria at all. One can only pray and hope for peaceful own death.

I remember people used to remark about death in the neighborhood - oh, he/she was a great and pious soul, even preferred to die in the evening thereby ensuring that people could have their lunch at proper time.

And the Hindu religion’s concept of karma (action of merit) inevitably comes to our mind. Do good karma and every thing will be fine.

And there are concepts of hell and heaven in almost all the religions.

And thus at the advance stage of ageing,without fail, one  recalls the good and bad karmas in own life and the likely consequences of the same to be faced.

But we must understand that simply worrying and having fear of own death is not going to help us. Life takes its own course. And no body can predict it.

They say cricket is game of glorious uncertainty. But the inevitable death is more so.  

Then what to do?

Let me share what I think and do.

We should not be afraid of ageing. We must acknowledge and accept the fact that it is a part of life cycle - taking birth, growing, procreate,  survive and perish.

As is well known, death is our old faithful friend that liberates us from all the worldly suffering.

And we will be fortunate if our life is a typical one - timely birth, growth,procreation and perish.


Let us remember, one always desires to see birth of own children, grand children. This is human nature. The desired extension goes on.

And the belief that good karma leads to good results is logical. Action and reaction is equal.

After all, mother nature ensures that every living entity takes birth, flourishes, procreates and perishes. No one can interfere in that process.

Therefore, one must live life -

  • which does not trouble others,
  • is full of love and compassion for every living ones, 
  • having a perfect normal health, helping others in whatever means possible.

And more important, we should ensure our own peace of mind in the present by not worrying often and much about the form of death we are going to embrace in the future. Its beyond our own control.

And we must prefer to address our own death as a true friend and not an enemy.

Because death liberates us from all the  suffering. 

What do you think?

Comment please.


Saturday, 19 September 2020



No, I am not asking you.  No offence meant, please !

Also, nobody asked me this question.  

And I am a layman. Therefore, no chance of having the honor of being interviewed. 

And yes, I opted for honesty.  

But nothing wrong If I would like to share my own attitude while deciding on the issue and of course my final decision. 

Being honest, do you expect some thing in return?

However,  I ensured I had had enough time at my  disposal to contemplate on the subject.  This is because when one decides to look into a certain matter that is going to have serious impact on own life, one does it sincerely and seriously. 

I mean in that case, one is not trying to prove some thing to some one else. And therefore, there is no  mask.  Hence I could engage myself in the task quite seriously and sincerely too. 

Are You Honest?

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What it means being honest?

All know very well, honesty is the best policy.  

Briefly it means our thinking and attitude should match with our actions in daily life. Honesty is complying with the supreme values of freedom, truth, love and compassion.  And this should come out of our own attitude selflessly without any vested interests or fear of the consequences thereof.  

But in reality, very few people are in a position to be honest.  And are really honest.

And the rest give in to the compromises of convenience, comforts and temptations at the cost of values in life. But we must not ignore the fact that honesty promises ideal life and peace of mind. 

What prevents us from being honest?

Temptation of shortcuts, comforts, luxury, wealth, and desire to fulfill our insatiable desires.

We may come across those who yield to the temptations and compromises for shortcuts to success in life trying to justify their attitude in life.  

But are they really having the feeling of fulfillment in life?  

This is the important question.

Is It Worth Being Honest?

And such compromises do lead to downfall in the life. This defeats the very purpose of life. Because one has to raise his status in life - moral, financial, social, family, personal.  The mother nature expects us to grow, flourish and ultimately merge into the infinity.  

But still we do yield to the temptations. It is human nature.  

Of course, to repent later.  

We simply do not want take cognizance of the life values. We just want to ignore them. In that process we tend to ignore the fact that honesty is the foundation of good character. It is for this reason that an honest person is given good respect in society.

The other option is just live the life as it comes and vanish, like so many animals. But we should not forget we are human being.

The occasion was sort of self analysis I was engaged in in a sincere manner. This is the phase in  life when one starts to take life seriously.  And not only philosophically.

Like so many others, I had opted for honesty in life. And I wished that this honesty does not come out of my weaknesses.  And that I would have preferred if it originated from my strength, ability. And I knew very well that this may even  cost me sacrifices of my personal liking and desires.

And this was not all of sudden. The base for that was my chosen, accepted and imbibed values in daily life.

Is Being Honest Rude?

Not at all.  If only we fail to observe the accepted manners in our social interactions, this likely rudeness is avoidable.

Being God-fearing, fulfilling all obligations - individual,family,social,legal,statutory all these have contributed to my being honest person no doubt. 
But this has more to do with being a common man. I have nothing to say about my wealth,my influence on others,my own limitations as a common man etc. For example,I take care to file my income tax return in time,timely payment of municipal taxes,water bill,electricity bill, keeping handy Pan Card,Adhaar Card, Election Card,along with their photo copies, maintaining my bank account, pension account,KYC formalities and so on.  So many obligations !  Some times, I do wonder why I have to spend so much time in all this exercise.
I must admit there is more of fear in this than inclination towards honesty. Who wants to create problems and then worry to settle such issues? Well, you may call this as a typical common man.  And yes, I am a common man.

Are You Honest?

But yes,in spite of all this I have great pride and  self respect being honest.
The reason is my own sarasar vivek. What I value the most in life play greater role in my life. The power of discretion which enables me to understand what is right and wrong, good and bad,normal and abnormal, justice and injustice,moral and amoral,social and antisocial, ethical and unethical and so on.
Having acquired this knowledge, I am able to make right choices while making decisions in my own life. My sarasar vivek leaves no scope for repentance for me which is most important to any body  listening to his own sarasar vivek.
Because mere knowledge is useless unless it is implemented in day today life. This is the only way to make life easy, comfortable and yet meaningful.
And therefore my conscience does not blame me and I always have peace of mind.
And when I apply my sarasar vivek, the choice of opting for honesty is obvious, logical and fruitful also. 
My dear readers, what was the deciding factor in your decision to  opt for honesty? Please comment, if you would like to share with me. Thanks.

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Friday, 17 July 2020



The New Normal -The meaning - 

new normal is a state to which an economy, society, etc. settles following a crisis, when this differs from the situation that prevailed prior to the start of the crisis. (Ref:

Have you started guessing about the new normal  post Covid-19?

The one that we have to accept until an effective vaccine or cure for Covid-19 is found- and made available to all.

Yes, I have started. 

The New Normal
Green Tiger- Colorful guessing ?
Image source: my mobile phone.

Having shared my own experience of living with Covid-19, in this article, let me share my  guessing about the new normal post Covid-19. 

And let me have full freedom to do so.  Like showing you a green tiger in the above image. it is green in color but it creates awareness of the existence of a tiger and its looks.  


The scare of the unseen threat to life lurking nearby while interact with the world is obvious on every face.  

When we exchange our glance, there is expression of doubt  in every pair of eyes. And the same  is noticeable on all the faces.

Now when I see children playing while wearing their mask, I feel very sad. I wish we will get back to normal soon, as is shown in the drawing done by my younger son when he was in 6th standard.

The New Normal
Children enjoying  outdoor game!


I have tremendous hope in life. 

A great faith in the Mother Nature. Like millions all over the world.  I am certain that the Mother Nature will take care of her children with her selfless love and encouraging us to flourish in the life.

I have, therefore, strong belief that the new normal will evolve and ideal human life will be restored with all the glory of its inherent freedom, love and compassion - and ever missing that expression of serenity in life and the urge to share happiness even with strangers.  

And all the peer groups will be enjoying their close moments in a very relaxed manner as can be pointed in the image below.

The New Normal
Enjoying the  company of close friends 

It is only a matter of time.

This will be a great slap and effective reply to whoever the creator, responsible for  this once in a century kind of threat to the human existence.


Changes in our values and attitude towards life and other living being are bound to take place. This will inevitably lead to new normal in our life.

Sense of responsibility of maintaining own health shall prevail and compel all of us individually to behave responsibly.

And the first new normal I have noticed is everyone is aware of the name Corona.

This is followed by cursing the country which is held as origin, namely China.


On the card are next possible new normal-

  • adopting the concept of work from home (Recently a public sector Bank in India has announced that Rs.1000 crore will be saved on adopting the pattern of work from home. This is encouraging news.  Because, this will prompt the employers to go in for rational posting of the manpower.)

  • Display of boards at shops, and other public places - Use Sanitizers - Observe Social Distancing- wear mask

  • on-line education pattern for KG, JR KG, Sr KG and onward

  • confusion over conducting final examinations for the current academic year

  • steps for personal hygiene - like using mask while interacting with others, washing hands frequently, using sanitizer on returning home from outside, keeping away from touching own eyes and mouth, staying at home to break the chain of spreading the fatal virus, monitoring the body temperature and so on. 

  • Facing the infrared thermometer Gun for thermal scanning (I remember to have faced the gun on total four occasions on one single day, including the one when I returned to my society gate)

  • taking precautions while getting professional services like doctors, dentists(this I wonder much as this service still stands suspended in my locality)

  • Social distancing is seen as the mantra for a strong measure for prevention of the spread of the deadly virus. (I doubt about its feasibility in the densely populated country like India) 

  • preferred contactless payments i.e. avoiding handling of currency notes and coins.

  • taking precaution for staying safe while going out, like wearing mask while interacting with others

  • new setting up while conducting formal meetings for maintaining social distancing

  • opting for video conferencing as far as possible.

  • There will be more commercial ads of sanitizers on tv and print media

  • commercial ads emphasizing on providing services and products without involving any human contact (currently I see five such commercials on tv )

  • new norms of greeting by way of elbow bump or Indian style namaste or footshake.

  • display of reminders to use hand sanitizers and mask 

  • considerable awareness of mental health

  • dominating feeling of frustration and sadness

  • lack of enthusiasm even to stroll in the afternoon

  • lockdown is likely to be seen  more as a punishment than as a precaution

  • mask will become extended part of human body

  • more commercial applications will be visible in case of masks- like designer mask etc.


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Sunday, 21 June 2020



All About International Day of Yoga
International Day of Yoga
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In this article, I share with my readers what I avoid while doing yoga practice.

The United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga by the Resolution 69/131 dated 11.12.2014.  The aim is to raise the awareness worldwide of the importance  of practicing yoga and its benefits.


The first  International Day of Yoga was observed all over the world on 21 June 2015.

The idea of International Day of Yoga was proposed by Shri Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on 27 September 2014, saying that Yoga is the most precious gift of India's  ancient tradition for the human being all over the world.


The term yoga in Sanskrit means to get merged with (the universe). 

Maharshi Patanjali in the 5th Century BC compiled all forms of Yoga,the process and the benefits thereof in the book known as Yogasutra.

My curious readers are requested to read my earlier post  - How To Learn Meditation At Once  -  for brief relevant information on Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Since the observation of International Day of Yoga started on 21 June all over the world in 2015, all the tv channels were busy giving the event live coverage.  

There was apparently intense competition all the world over among the political leaders, celebrities, famous personalities for displaying their enthusiasm and devotion towards this invaluable gift to human by the wisdom of ancient India.


A typical representative image of a person going to do Yoga could easily be expected to exhibit sports shoes, track suit, t-shirts, wrist bands, head band, Yoga mat in plastic container hanging down the shoulders, a fashionable cap, earphones of mobile plugged in and so on. That was  also the most attractive image.

The insistence on the above things was so much strong, apparently, that some times I used to have doubts whether without any one of them, one could perform Yoga at all !


It is a well known fact that mental health is as important as physical health. When people wonder how to find peace and serenity in daily life, they inevitably are advised to take steps for achieving sound mental and physical health.

And thus there is great awareness regarding mental health also.  People know very well what is mental bath and  how to take it.


I remember one of my friends telling me that he has entered a new business venture in computer peripherals. These included devices such as a computer mouse or keyboard,expansion cards, graphics cards, image scanners, tape drives, microphones, loudspeakers, webcams and digital cameras and so on. The purposes served were various depending on the need and intentions of the computer users. However, for my friend, every peripheral unit sold generated some revenue for him. Therefore, he has included maximum number of computer peripheral units possible.

in yoga practice, it is observed that we are tempted to pay attention to the peripheral things  only and ignore the things at the core which are concerned with yoga and therefore call for due attention. 

Instead, there are more chances of getting lost in the insignificant peripheral things and thus denying oneself the real benefits of yoga practice in the form of achieving sound physical and mental health.

This is what exactly I do. Only this awareness has enabled me reap the benefits of  regular yoga practice in life to achieve further progress on the path of spirituality.  

In other words, by achieving and maintaining sound physical and mental health I can pursue the goal of attaining the ultimate on the path of spiritual progress i.e. Samadhi, the merging of the individual self with the universe.

I strongly feel that only the unfortunate ones get entangled with the worldly things which are distracting in nature on the path of spiritual progress.


Various business activities relating to commercialization of Yoga have already started.  Even  I read about air-conditioned Yoga studio which sounded very stylish.

Several experts emerged all over the world claiming to teach dynamic yoga and using other such attractive terms. I also heard about the classes for musical yoga also.  

Well, once you decide to do business, then there are so many ways to lure the customers.

But, this is not so in the ancient Indian tradition, the sages have been known to be engaged in selfless services to the human being and devoted their entire life for the purpose of selfless services of human being.  


Doing any business was never their intention. The wisdom of the great ancient Indian heritage has been open for any one to learn and practice, irrespective of religion, region and race. 

The requirement is only of interest, willingness to learn, and ability to practice the wisdom learnt.  

And this devotion is completed by sharing the wisdom learnt with all human being, without any expectation in return, except the welfare of all.       

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Thursday, 28 May 2020



Dear readers, you must have read my earlier post LOCKDOWN related to COVID-19.

In this article, I share with my ardent readers the information and life wisdom culled and practiced by me while Living With Covid-19.

The other day, I was reading a survey report on what people thought they have missed during the lockdown period due to Covid-19.

Their indulgences which they shared as the most essential complement in their respective life included -
  • eating various kinds of food items in the hotels
  • chatting with  close friends over a cup of tea/coffee
  • greeting friends with handshakes and hugs 
  • smoking with friends or alone
  • drinking alcohol 
  • morning walks
  • afternoon stroll in the garden
  • satsang (being in the company of spiritual Guru)
  • watching movies in theater 
  • watching dramas or music events
  • non-veg items like fishes and chicken etc
  • socializing
  • roaming without any due reason 

Obviously, the indulgence mentioned reflects part of the personality as also the thing  treated as important and favorite indulgence in their daily life. In other words, such activities make some sense in the life.

Well, there are various kinds of indulgences one craves for in the course of the day without which one feels missing the thing.

Another article I read was about the first thing one will do on lifting of the lockdown.  These things included -
  • trimming and cutting hair, shaving, manicure and pedicure
  • enjoying eating in the popular eateries in the neighborhood
  • going outstations or native places
  • spending (useless) shopping
  • seeing movies in theater


Now think, if Coronavirus never have a vaccine, like  HIV and Dengue.

In this scenario, let us not forget Darwin's biological theory, Survival of the fittest ! 

And be prepared to learn to live with covid-19. Keeping ourselves at safe distance ! 

And it is also human instinct to do so for ensuring survival. 


Living With COVID-19
*image credit:

Let us accept the reality that yes, we all may have to live with COVID-19 for days, months or years, till an effective vaccine is found and made available to the whole human kind.

And for that, first thing is  we need not panic.


Nor we should pretend that the viruses C-19 do not exist which may be like reducing our life to nothing worth.  

Learning to live life with C-19 viruses is rationally inevitable and at the same time most practical approach. 

Therefore, let us first understand the enemy properly by gaining knowledge from authentic source.

Also we must learn the effective ways of protecting ourselves and  the near and dear ones around us from the spread of COVID-19.

And we must read, understand and implement the most authentic Advice on the Safe use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 

Let me quote here the World Health Organization's Advice for public on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) (Updated 20th April 2020) :

Reading carefully, understanding  and implementing these Advices will enable us to  develop necessary attitude and find out effective ways to live comfortably with Coronavirus.

Protecting yourself and others from the spread COVID-19

Regular hand washing
*image credit:

*image credit:


Could we be living with COVID-19 forever? 

This question comes to mind because predicting distant date for finding effective vaccine on COVID-19 are disappointing. For example, one prediction is by the end of 2022.

No body can predict.  And there is a fear also what if no vaccine is ever developed for COVID-19.

In that case we must be prepared for that.

And considering the complexities and hurdles involved in finding the effective vaccine and making it available worldwide and the time factor involved therein, we will have to undergo hope and despair many a times, before coming back to the life which we identify as the normal one. 

Otherwise, of course, there will be new normal of life.

And wearing mask to stop spread of COVID-19 will be a new normal in the coming days.  And we will, of course, see masks matching with dress color, designer masks for celebrities, masks specified for a particular profession, for example doctors, teachers, students, labors, personnel of Police, Fire Brigade and so on. 

*image credit:
Social distancing will be a new normal.

*image credit:

Washing hands will be most essential act one has to do often as a precaution against catching the virus infection.

We should be alert enough not to touch our nose, mouth, eyes to ensure that we do not catch the dangerous virus infection.

Using hand gloves will be new norms. (Preferably matching ones!) Until now, we could  expect certain professionals to use them like Surgeons, Waiters, nurses, and staff at five star hotels.

A few new terms will be new  normal used in daily life - eg. Quarantine and Self-Quarantine, Self Isolation, Lockdown, social distancing.
. New terminology will be interesting as well as significantly meaningful - for example political distancing. 


But then we human being have learnt to live with equally dangerous  infections like TB, Malaria in which case we do have preventive medicines and with Dengue and AIDS for which we do not have any preventive vaccines. 


What is COVID-19 ?

COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December 2019. 

COVID-19 is now a pandemic affecting many countries in the world, especially in the most developed countries in the west. 

In fact, the whole world is divided in to two parts - one affected by COVID-19 and the other one not affected by COVID-19.

Even the superpower nation USA is the most affected by COVID-19 followed by other developed countries like France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.


Living with COVID-19 is possible if only we know the enemy better.

As advised by WHO, on how to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, we must -
  • be safe from coronavirus infection
  • be smart and inform about it to our selves
  • be kind and support one another
  • be careful
  • be supportive
  • be alert
  • be kind
We must be extra careful and smart - if we develop shortness of breath to call our doctor and seek medical care immediately.

We must be smart to inform and keep ourselves updated on coronavirus.

We need to be -
  • kind to support our loved ones during the COVID-19 period.
  • kind to address stigma during the COVID-19 period.
  • kind to address fear during the COVID-19 period.


We should avoid handshake as a way of greeting people.  Do not even think of hugging and patting on the shoulders. 

The Indian style of greeting, Namaste (meaning - the divine in me bows to the divine in you) is the most convenient one and serves the purpose meaningfully. It is done on arrival and before leaving.

In the act of namaste, there is no physical contact between the two individuals and therefore no possibility of attracting negative energy from the other individual. Hence one is always safe.

We must know that air is clean and pure. Therefore,we enjoy morning walk and afternoon stroll maintaining social distancing.

Normal soap for washing hands is enough for precaution. Insisting for antibacterial soaps is not necessary.

We must be aware that shoes used outside may bring in virus, increasing the risk of spreading infection. Therefore, we must  change the shoes outside only and use another pair for use  within the house.

Wearing a mask for a longer period may interfere with breathing naturally. Therefore, mask must be used in crowded place. 

Use of hand gloves needs careful attention. They must be daily washed, fresh. The virus can accumulate on the gloves and may get spread easily if we touch our face, lips, nose or eyes. Washing hands regularly is advised.

Post lockdown, we must go out in fresh air regularly in a park or on the sea shore.

It is understood that COVID-19 affects the people with weak immunity.  Therefore, we must take essential steps in the direction of building strong immunity. 

Interesting readers may kindly refer to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of AYUSH Government of India, Ayurveda’s immunity boosting measures for self care during COVID 19 crisis.

For boosting our own immunity naturally, in addition to the above, it is my own experience that we must lead a pious life.  A pious life means to believe and practice the supreme values in life - pure love, humanity, selfless service to others, compassion, freedom, non-violence (including our thought process). It is my observation that such people leading a pious life have strong immunity which is reflected in their overall healthy life.

Such kind of people treat the whole world as their own family, pray for good health, peace, welfare and fulfillment of all the living being.




Let me express my immensely strong and humble praying that we human will overcome this inhuman cruel and fatal COVID-19 at the earliest possible and live the life to the fullest and attain fulfillment in our life. 

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