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Today is the 3rd day of the total  lockdown for 21 days declared by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.  

Total compliance with the requirements of  the total lockdown is our primary responsibility.  Also we are responsible for others' life. AND WE SHALL FULFILL OUR RESPONSIBILITY.


First thing I tried to understand is what is Total lockdown? And I learnt that it is an emergency measure taken in which people are prevented from entering or leaving a restricted area or premises during a threat of danger. In this case, that of Corona virus.

In this article, I intend to share with ardent readers my approach and attitude towards the total lockdown, how I enjoy the excess of time at my disposal, application of creativity, physical exercises within my home,  and seizing this God given opportunity for spending quality time with my near and dear ones. 

Not only that, I found that I need not worry about the idea of social distancing, isolation, self-isolation, being alone.  In fact I find such situations can prove sort of blessing in disguise. For example, one can seriously engage in self analysis, self awareness, and getting connected with the divine universal force.  This is the most rejuvenating experience for both body and mind and consequently to maintain overall physical and mental health. In fact I feel so safe and secure in the presence of the divine force.

I am aware that the inevitable circumstance has to be accepted without any complaints.  There is no other option.  And this helps us to reduce the mental stress by trying to find out the way out to avoid such circumstances.


I have come to know there are many questions faced by people during the total lockdown period. For example - 
  • How to take care of mental health during this 21 days period of total lockdown?
  • What good practices we can adopt?
  • What productive ways can be used to achieve improvement in life?

There are further questions I came across- like -
  • What will be the personal impacts of total lockdown?
  • What will be the economic impacts on India?
  • What will be the psychological impact on the individual person?


And since generally I prefer not to advise but share my learning in life, I am doing the same in this article and hope that my able readers will find it useful and significant.

Generally we do have problem of shortage of time. But with this lockdown condition, we are suddenly exposed to the problem of excess of time.

I was damn serious and determined to make the most of this God given opportunity. Therefore, I -
  • planned perfect life style ie getting up at the scheduled time, daily exercises, pranayam, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, evening leisure activities like tv news, books, simple dinner and late night book reading, and good night sleep.
  • started spending quality time with my near and dear ones. This helps me strengthening further my relations with the spouse and the children leading to the strong bondage among my family members.
  • identifying and synchronizing with my body clock. I have ample time, therefore, I could carefully fix the scheduled timing of our breakfast, lunch and dinner. By this, the physiological requirements of body systems are met at proper and required time.  
  • maintaining our health.  With ample time at my disposal, I could effectively workout the plan for the purpose of achieving healthy life.
  • engaged myself in household works like sweeping, washing the utensils, clothes,helping my spouse prepare light snacks, watering the plants etc.

This lockdown has prompted me to identify the requirement of meaningful and significant habits to live a live a healthy life.

For developing meaningful habits in life, I took into consideration three aspects in our life-
  1. Physical Health
  2. Mental health
  3. Spiritual progress
Physical health is most important, know the saying- health is wealth. And we are generally aware of this fact.
In my case I do cleaning and maintenance work at home, like sweeping, washing dishes and utensils, 
Lockdown-washing the utensils
preparing tea, chapattis or light snacks, say poha etc.
Lockdown- Preparing Chapattis

Lockdown Preparing Snacks
Preparing snacks

                          watering the plants in the balcony and so on.
Lockdown-watering the plants
Lockdown- watering the plants

Lockdown-operating washing machine
Lockdown-Operating washing machine
In next few days, I am sure, I can identify more such works which will help me to maintain my place and surroundings very healthy and cheerful.
I am aware of the kind of my food intake ie diet - quality and quantity. And that I must have at least four morsels less than I do require.
I can have ample quality time to enjoy with spouse, my children, of course observing minimum distance.
Our mental health is equally important which is not paid proper attention .
Therefore, I should be equally cautious to have healthy diet for my mind. And that I should have positive exposures in every media - reading,tv,cinema,internet etc.
For this I must be aware of what is meaning and significance of mental bath and its importance to maintain healthy mind.
Let us not forget that healthy mind ensures healthy body.
Now, with the opportunity of the total lockdown, one will be able to understand the various health related aspects explained above. And I am sure, having understood the same, one will carefully plan for living a healthy life and will work out the plan to achieve the desired results during this inevitable total lockdown.
This is precisely how to turn the total lockdown period into quality time - Like I have done.
This is all about what I have done.

How do I deal with the mental stress built during the lockdown period?

  • I keep myself away from news updating about the Corona Virus.
  • I keep myself away from collecting information on social media instead I rely upon Govt. authentic resources.
  • I ignore and avoid to see the daily update on death toll.
  • Do not indulge in forwarding unnecessary messages on social media.
  • I engage myself in my favorite hobby of reading books, writing on my blog,listening music, enjoying company of my neighboring grandson.
  • I observe the routine of washing my hands very strictly and also advise my family members to do so.
  • I ensure to engage my mind in positive thinking only. And also encourage my family members to do the same.
  • I am very much hopeful, optimist and have strong belief that the most challenging  phase in our life will be overcome by us and good, healthy and peaceful days will come back soon. The light will prevail upon darkness.




Now, most importantly -about what I am going to do till the total lockdown period is over-
Daily at 7.30 p.m. I am going to do UNIVERSAL PRAYER-


My dear friends, are you going to join this universal prayer at 7.30 p.m. daily? 

I understand that prayers done by infinite number of the individuals minds spread all over the world will yield the most desired result of regaining overall sound health of all human being. 

If you wish  to join the prayers, you are most welcome!  
Remember, 7.30 p.m. (IST) everyday!

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Monday, 2 March 2020



The book "Stress Buster" by the Author Gemma Naylor, was presented to me to review. And being a Lifestyle Blogger, whenever possible, I follow quality reading with insights into life and share the same with my readers.  This helps me to learn more about transformation in life and this is a continuous process.  Therefore, I was eager to read and review the book.

Stress Buster
(*For convenience of the readers purchase link provide. No commission is received by Sarasar Vivek)


Name of the Book - STRESS BUSTER - ISBN: 9781690798323

Stress Buster Review

About the Author

The author's extensive expertise in meditation, hypnosis and yoga allows her to engage these ancient wisdom to those across the modern world offering them access to the new-found modus operandi in a fun and informal manner.

The author has learnt through her own life experiences the ancient wisdom and its vast potentials to help achieve the desired results in own life. Therefore, her words carry the authenticity the readers always look for.

The author of this self-help book "Stress Buster" is also the creator of "The Stress Buster Technique" that helps guide people to relax, reset and refocus and turn stress into success.


The main theme - 

In her own words - "In this book, I’m going to show you how to tap into your greatest human potential and I’m going to share with you secrets that will help you thrive in the 21st century.

And that In this book, I’m going to show you how to become a Stress Buster.

In the Introduction of the book itself, the author strikes the right chords of the readers by asking two simple yet significantly interesting questions -

Would you believe me if I told you that you were a superhero?"

 "Would you believe me if I told you that you possessed more control over your mind and body than you could possibly imagine?

If you are suffering from the 21st Century Syndrome,  i.e. -
  • you forget to play, 
  • you forget to explore, 
  • you stop asking questions and 
  • you become conditioned to live to work rather than work to live, 
  • your minds are either miles away in the future or consumed in your past, 
  • you stop living in the present moment and experience unnecessary stress from your thoughts and
  •  your false impressions of the world, 
  • you lose connection to your core and in turn your Stress Buster abilities, 
and have immense desire to overcome the same,then this is a must read book for you.


With very few colorful illustrations in the beginning itself, the author has effectively communicated to the readers how the planet earth was a utopia, how the 21st Century Syndrome attacked the planet, and stress, anxiety and depression were felt by mankind,how the author traveled to  distant lands in search of answers, how she was approached by her master who trained her in the ancient arts, how one day he announced she was ready and her mission became clear to remind humans their inner power and to rid the world of the 21st Century Syndrome.  

And when you start reading the book, the Author’s assuring tone is already set in. You feel as if you are listening to your very close friend to whom you always approach for seeking proper guidance in the frustrating, disappointing and challenging circumstances.

The very term stress causes much more concern to all of us making us get serious at once. The author,however, makes the reader aware that "You were born a Stress Buster. You entered this world full of joy and with the ability to live moment to moment."  

Here, the author emphasizes the need for the readers to reflect on the time when they were learning to walk.  They were resilient and focused on their quest. They didn’t cry with frustration each time they fell down; they simply stood back up, brushed it off and tried again. They didn’t stay awake at night, fretting as to whether tomorrow would be the day they finally mastered the stairs and they didn’t start declaring how stressed they were to everyone around whilst wasting precious time that could be spent on mastering their strut. They progressed little by little, day by day until one day they just did it. This has strong analogy with our life journey.

The author points out here that If one could approach all the major hurdles in own life with the same optimism, resilience and tenacity as one did whilst one was learning to walk, life would become significantly easier to manage. 

The author frankly expresses her inability to promise  the readers that becoming a Stress Buster will guarantee that one will never face heartbreak, hardship or challenging times; however, she assures that it will give one the internal strength to handle them. 

The author make it a point to assure that becoming a Stress Buster will allow access to the inner voice, to guide oneself  gracefully out of dangerous waters and to experience inner peace whenever one needs. It will make one a more competent player in the game of life. 

And that is what the readers will be interested to know.

Her statement that stress can be a wonderful stimulant to achieving outstanding results, but only when you have learnt how to manage it, is very true. 

Subsequent topics covered are the factors that create stress, increase the stress level, the role of the challenging circumstances like fierce competition and need of achieving success, the effective ways to overcome stress building,the stress buster technique, and so on. 

Further, there is detailed explanation of character traits of a Stress Buster. And the real importance of becoming a Stress Buster developing self awareness and how to connect with the  own inner power. And this is true also for the reason that generally we look at external means to overcome stress rather than the internal means. For example, we try to engage our mind in watching cartoon films, reading humor books, spending quality time with our near and dear ones etc. But rarely we try to analyse our mental health and take necessary steps for maintaining the same.

The chapter titled the Science Stuff is very interesting. This is entirely devoted to help readers realize how stress can affect their body which will prove helpful to them understanding their personal needs and reaction to stress. The flow charts make it easy to comprehend the central idea. 

The metaphor called the Cup of Life explained is very relevantly explained.

The idea of  Your Magical List is also explained in an effective way so that readers may relate easily. Being stressed leads to the feeling of being overwhelmed at having to perform so many things.  A step by step approach is explained to tackle such a situation.  

Next chapter The Power of The Present deals with stress building that has origin in the unnecessary engagement of our mind in past issues and future worries. This is a very common aspect of our life which we are generally not aware of. Learning to keep our mind in the present moment is an incredibly powerful tool the stress busters have mastered.

In this reference, the role played by various breathing techniques (popularly known as Pranayama in Yoga lifestyle) are explained.  Here also step by step instructions have been provided.

Mindfulness, the art of being positive, meditation, brain waves, their types, deep sleep meditation, relaxation, relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, their techniques,restorative Yoga postures, -- all these are the topics wherein the readers, especially from the Western World will be very interested to know more. And they will not be disappointed. 

All these techniques are incredibly helpful in reducing the stress but it takes time to master.  In reality, one faces lack of time to dedicate for such activities. It is for this reason, the author has created the Stress Buster Technique which is a ten-minutes exercise that can be used whenever needed to relax, reset and refocus. It consists of seven simple steps, which combines breathing techniques, powerful elements of meditation and confidence enhancing methods of hypnosis. 

Here is formal invitation for the readers for "training in this Stress Buster Technique for getting assisted further in reducing the stress levels so the readers can perform at optimum capacity and smash all of  their goals."

For stress management purpose, effective approaches are suggested- how to manage our own day, things to do, things to avoid, engaging in the means to provide relief to own mind- why rest is essential for both body and mind- what we should and should not eat- the quantity of food intake, keeping hydrated, daily exercises,all such important related things are discussed in detail.

A Stress Buster Self-Care Package provided is also meaningful.

At the end of the book, the Stress Buster's Diary is provided. To quote the author-  

"This will be an incredibly valuable exercise in self discovery and will help you to identify habits which might not be fully serving you and potential new ones that will help you to keep your mind positive. "

And she has not forgotten to add - "Try to complete the diary every day or it will be difficult for you to identify your patterns once we come to analyse it at the end of the 28 days. Take care of yourself my friend. I will check in with you very soon."

Readers may find a number of such books on the subject but Stress Buster stands apart because it reflects the immense desire of the author to share the ancient wisdom as well as Stress Buster Technique developed by her.  

As a curious reader,I wish the author had also shared insightful experiences with her teacher while learning wisdom of life. 

The book meets the expectations of the readers. I do not have any doubts that the able readers will complete the diary every day  to identify their habits which might not be fully serving them and the potential new ones that will help the readers to keep their mind positive.

Having read the book, I observe that  by writing this amazing book Stress Buster, the author has accomplished the mission her teacher has told her of reminding the humans of their inner power and to rid the world of the 21st Century Syndrome.

And I am sure that the author by writing this book must have achieved that sense of fulfillment in life every body wish to have.

I reckon this book as one of the best I have read recently related to achieving transformation in life.

And that I will not be surprised seeing the booked tagged #1 BESTSELLER in near future.

RATING : 8/10

Review of "Stress Buster" by Narasinh Purohit, Sarasar Vivek

Monday, 17 February 2020



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Have you ever wondered if there is any art of listening? 

And in fact, what is the difference between hearing and listening?

What exactly is the role played by applying the art of listening in our daily life?

And what is the scope of application of the art of listening?

How it will help us to achieve the desired transformation in life?

Do you know that you can listen to your body?

And your mind?

Or does your mind listen to you?

So many interesting questions, isn't it?

Well, this article is on the significant wisdom learnt while finding the answers to the above questions and their practical applications in our life. This helps one to live daily with ease, comfort, meaningfully in a significant manner on the path of living a fulfilled life.


Generally one gets confused between the process of hearing and listening.

Merriam-Webster defines hearing as the "process, function or power of perceiving sound; specifically : the special sense by which noises and tones are received as stimuli".

Listening, on the other hand, means "to pay attention to sound, to hear something with thoughtful attention; and to give consideration."

You might often have heard the comments from your near and dear ones- like 'You are not listening to me!'

It is interesting to know that -
  1. Hearing and Listening uses both the ears.
  2. Hearing is receiving sound waves through ears while listening means hearing and understanding what we have heard.
  3. Hearing is part of the five senses, while listening is a choice to hear and analyze what we hear.
  4. Hearing is using our ears only, while listening is using our body's other senses
  5. Listening is observing other's behavior that can add meaning to the message, while hearing is simply receiving sound vibrations.
  6. .Listening can build better relationship with others while hearing can not.
  7. Take good care of our ears. Because we cannot listen when we cannot hear.


We all  have heard the popular phrases -like the Art of Living- the Art of Dying- the Art of Thinking for Better Life - the Art of Reading  for achieving Life Transformation and so on. 

When we face inevitable challenges in life,we find certain processes hard and cumbersome, boring, needing hard work and continuous efforts to meet them. 

At such times, we wonder if at all there is any art of doing the same.  

Because learning the required art makes the whole exercise easy and comfortable and even enjoyable. For example, cycling.

What is the art of listening?- The need to understand.

The purpose is to understand the art, learn and apply the same for our own advantage to make our own life easy and comfortable while achieving our purpose to achieve the sense of fulfillment in life. 

Know what. we hear so many sounds using our hearing sense.  And our ears are open to all kinds of sounds.  Like eyes, we cannot open and close our ears for selecting purpose.  I mean, we cannot open our ears to listen to the only desired and selected sounds.  Nor we can close our ears to stay away from the undesired sounds. 

The effective way is to listen to only those sounds which we desire and need to in the process of achieving our purpose.

Here the process of listening plays important role.  And understanding the art of listening  enables us to exercise option of applying our ability to listen only to the meaningful, significant and valued sounds having potentials to make our life easy, comfortable, meaningful on the path of achieving fulfillment in life. 

And that is achieving overall transformation in life.

The Art of Listening
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Have you ever wondered as to how many different kinds of approaches are involved when you listen to others?

Let us see. 

If you observe carefully, you will find that when you listen to some body, you -
  • have decided to do so
  • are determined to listen
  • stop talking
  • are alert to listen
  • try to make the speaker to feel at ease and open up
  • avoid disturbances
  • concentrate at what  the speaker has to say
  • avoid impatience
  • show your concern with what the speaker has to say
  • show your empathy
  • have open mindedness 
  • listen to the central ideas
  • interpret the tone of the speaker
  • are likely to know the  hidden messages of the speaker
(Source: The 10 principles of listening)


We can understand and draw inferences of what is said only when we  listen to what is stated. 

If we are not careful while listening, we are likely to miss what is being communicated.  In this sense, effective listening is essential for effective communication. 

And failure to do so, leads to misunderstanding and wrong interpretation of the messages being communicated, and wrong decisions based on that.


Listening with patience enables us to -
  • understand the problems being discussed
  • understand the exact needs of the speaker
  • work on the probable solutions to the problems
  • command respect from others
  • build good relationship with others
  • attract others eager to share and discuss their problems.


Poor listening may result in -
  • taking things for granted
  • misunderstanding
  • errors in judgments
  • wrong decisions
  • harming mutual trust


You are a good listener if you -
  • pay full attention while listening
  • keep eye contact with the speaker
  • do not interrupt the speaker 
  • listen with keen interest
  • try to avoid looking at some thing else more interesting while listening
I remember one cartoon showing annual get together of alumni of a famous college, sitting engrossed in their own mobiles and ignoring the old friends.

THE ART OF LISTENING-  for security purpose and political gains.

The Govt. security agencies do not hesitate to listen to the telephonic conversations of the potential secret agents of the  enemy nation in national security point of view.

In the democratic countries, during election campaign, phone tapping is normal phenomena the ruling party resort to. And there are lot of  heated debates during the election period waning out in due course.


As mentioned above, having understood the meaning and significance of the art of listening next important step is to implement the same in our own daily life.  

Because only knowledge is not sufficient. It must be practiced in real life.  

This makes our life easy, comfortable. This also enables us to make optimum utilization of the  important resources viz. time, money and human resources.

And the result achieved will essentially be associated with our life connected with the external world.


Now let us consider the subtle aspects of the art of listening.

Have you ever listened to your body while indulging in your favorite dish? 

One serve, and you desire to have one more, and one more and one more. The craving is tempting and insatiable. 

But at one stage your body says, enough now !  Please, stop now, for God's sake. 

Do you listen to what your body says? 

Or you listen to what your mind says asking for more and fulfill the desire?

And you know what happens, if you do not listen to your body? 

Upset stomach, bloating, indigestion and so on. In short,  you face the consequences at body level.


Here, the question arises as to what about the internal world?

The world we live in is the way it has been and it will remain so for ever.  

The only thing we must be aware of is that it is our own responsibility to receive minimum damage in the world we live in.

For this, another important aspect of the art of listening must be understood. And that is one must listen to own inner voice i.e. sarasar vivek (power of discretion).

It is our experience that while indulging in some interesting acts, we often feel that the thing we are doing at the moment should not be done because it is wrong, unethical, amoral and unnatural. 

But still we yield to temptations to do so because of the desires dominating our minds - because of the interests, passions, craziness and of course vested interests involved. 

For this reason, we are unable to listen to our own inner voice.  

And the result is inevitable downfall in our own life, leading to a miserable life. 

And consequently we face sadness, frustration, depression, isolation, inferiority complex, and even mental disorders and misery in the life.

This sarasar vivek enables us to understand various important polarities in our life - like truth and untruth, right and wrong, moral and amoral, ethical and unethical, justice and injustice, and so on. And the life is full of polarities.

This understanding of polarities in life enables us to make right choice before making decisions in our daily life.

Not only that, this knowledge  builds confidence in us to accept the consequences of our own right decision making.

Therefore, the art of listening plays vital role in our life, directing us to move on the path of attaining peace of mind and fulfillment in life.

In short,we must understand that the art of listening enables us to-
  • live our life with peace of mind, ease, and significantly meaningful.
  • discover happiness instead of running after fulfilling of our desires one after another.
  • ignore peripheral things and pay attention to the core issues.
  • prioritize our desires to be fulfilled.
  • choose properly when to pay attention to the desires, body and mind.
  • differentiate between our body, mind and spirit.


Let us not forget that for applying this Art of Listening in our daily life requires strong determination, strict discipline and a lot of personal sacrifices in the life. 

And having applied the same in daily life, the fulfillment achieved in the life is sustainable for a longer duration.

If we are serious to live life lightly, easily and comfortably, well, applying the art of listening in daily life will surely help us to realize it.

Friends, do not forget to comment on this article. 

Thanks for reading!

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LOCKDOWN Today is the 3rd day of the total  lockdown for 21 days declared by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.   Total compl...