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Dear readers,

Based on my own observations, learning from life experiences  as well as our ancient wisdom, and application thereof in real life, I came to know the secret of happiness.

In this article, I am happy to share the secret of happiness with my ardent readers. 

The main source of learning ancient wisdom is Upanishada.

The very mention of secret of happiness brings up in mind the  most  likely  curious  questions regarding happiness like -

What are the 7 keys to happiness?

What is the secret to true or real happiness?

What are the 5 rules of happiness?

What are the 3 keys to happiness?

What is true happiness?

How do I get happiness?

Is money the key to happiness?

How can I be happy everyday?

And so on and on.

The very mention of happiness brings up  many curious questions in our mind. And for that there are authentic sources on the internet to get the answers.


The meaning of happiness is - Happiness is a feeling of pleasure and positivity. When someone feels good, proud, excited, relieved or satisfied about something, that person is said to be "happy". Feeling happy may help people to relax and to smile. (Source wikipedia)


The Secret of Happiness
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It is human nature to seek happiness, achieve happiness, express happiness and share happiness with others. 

In seeking happiness, one has to find the source of happiness, overcome the hurdles in the way and attain and achieve happiness.  

In this entire process, we fail to discover happiness in small things. (Read my article - Seeking Happiness).

You must have read my earlier post The Secret of My Happiness in which I had revealed my own secrets of happiness in life.

But the content and intent of this article is not restricted to me individually. It is generalized. 

I have also to bring to the kind notice of the readers that I am not a qualified psychologist. And in that sense I am not an authority.  

But you know, as they say, experience counts because it proves wiser in practical life. 


Let us see.

You enjoy tea in the morning. Even in the afternoon and if possible in the late evening also. But you will remember the occasions when you simply avoided having tea,  putting it aside because you had to reach the office in time. 


This is so because your mind was already engaged with the next important task in hand.

Therefore, if our mind is some where else, we cannot feel happiness.


You like filmy songs.  And one morning, after awakening, your spouse tells that she has just downloaded your favorite song and puts the mobile player on.  But your immediate reaction is OH, NOT NOW


Because in the sleep, the mind is peaceful and on getting up it wants this peace should continue. 

And  rejection of any disturbance is an act of  compliance of what the mind states.

We like to watch our favorite tv serial. But on a particular day we do not want to do so. 

Why we do not get happiness indulging in our favorite act?

The reason is NOT IN MOOD

It is because the state of our mind is not conducive to do so. 

If we try to do any thing against our mind, the mind gets disturbed.

One of my colleague who also retired along with me, decided to engage his retired life in improving others.  After two three years when we met, I found him very much disappointed, agitated, frustrated, disturbed and depressed.  When I asked him sympathetically he said that see, I do so many things, spend so much time, do so much work to improve the people, they are not improving at all. On the contrary, they go on arguing or blaming  me only.  I cannot simply tolerate this.

Why my colleague has reached this stage?

If we refer to history or our religious books, the world has been the same. Even so much powerful entities could not help to improve the world.

So there is no point in trying to improve others. 

Yes, one can help others only when requested to do so.

This ensures our own peace of mind.

Another colleague,with whom I had brief chat last month, on being asked how he was, he said - I do not know where this society is headed for?  So much crime, insecurity, increasing inflation, careless and selfish leaders and all ....  

He appeared so much disappointed, disturbed and helpless.


The world is like this only and an individual is not capable to control it. 

If we ignore this fact, we are bound to disturb our peace of mind.

In my working years, when I was transferred to a notorious section, notorious for indiscipline, strong union activities, group rivalries, aggressive staff and other such challenging factors,  my immediate superior officer cautioned me to be careful.  I replied him that since I was on periodical transfer and likely to get transferred on completing my tenure, I will be careful not to get damaged and damage others. 

After a while, while being alone, I thought what I said applies to our life also.  

In this life we must not get disturbed by the world around us.

Nor should we disturb the world around.  

This ensures the peace of mind.


I remember one of my coworker once shared her experience with her father-in-law. Even after retirement he used to create a lot of nuisance demanding attention to him and insisted that every one at home should listen to him. Because he had worked as a director in the company and had a lot of experience etc. But now no one is willing to listen to him, she confided. 

She further said that his behavior makes the whole family disturbed. Moreover, in the society also no body bothers about him. And why should they? 

This is what is called ego (Ahamkara). Due to ego, he expected respect forgetting that respect is some thing one should deserve. And that one should not demand respect.

Another example is one of my close friends.  He used to bother about everything in the family. Banking, payment of electricity bills, gas bills, telephone bills, laundry, grocery and what not.  He used to query in detail about the office working of his son and daughter-in-law. 

As a result, he was always complaining about his restless mind.

Now, with so many botheration how  can he  expect peace of mind?

Therefore, one should not bother about unnecessary things. This will ensure peace of mind.

In life, we depend on so many things, mobile, newspapers, particular kind of dressing, pen, wrist watch, type of food, and so on.  And if we do not get them, we are disturbed.

Therefore, if we have minimum dependence on external factors, our mind is peaceful.

We human have endless desires to fulfill one after another. For example, we first have ordinary mobile phone, then smart phone, then the latest model etc. Without the latest model, we still are unhappy.  We think that without the desired objects life has no meaning. 

Firstly, efforts for accomplishing desires makes mind restless. If one desire is fulfilled, mind becomes greedy and restless again.  If any desire is not fulfilled, anger dominates mind making it restless. 

This explains the potentials of desires to make the mind restless, agitated destroying the peace.

To have control over our desires and have only reasonable desires is most important to have peace of mind.

If we learn from the ancient wisdom, the first thing required is peace of mind.

And only while having peace of mind, we can feel happiness. 

Second   thing is  that  one  has  to  be  at  the present   moment.   We cannot have tea now and feel happiness later. 

Thirdly, we must understand the importance of happiness.  Without happiness, life is miserable. 

This realization only enables us to look at happiness seriously and make effective efforts for achieving the same.

Having understood that peace of mind is basis for feeling happiness, we understood the things we should not do.


Now, about the things we should do.

  • Accept reality
  • No comparison with others.
  • No interference in others' affairs.
  • No expectation from others.  
  • Be grateful for what we are and what we have.
  • No criticism of others.
  • Advise others only when requested.
  • Avoid trying to improve others.
  • Learning new things.  Life is process of continuous learning.
  • Enjoy natural beauty, sunrise, sunset, birds chirping, pet animals, the communication among them and so on.
  • Love kids. We can learn so many things from them.
  • Never think of the past.
  • Never worry about the future.
  • Respect others.
  • Stop complaining about any thing, even about the climate.
  • Friendly interaction with lower strata of the society also.
  • Keep in the company of wisdom regularly.
  • Embrace the good values in life.
  • Have at least one creative hobby. 

In addition to the above, one can find in daily life the things/activities NOT to do which may disturb the peace of mind. 

At the same time, one can identify the things/activities MUST DO that can give peace of mind.

So, the secret of happiness is peaceful mind. 

With peaceful mind, we can enjoy happiness which we share with others.  This further leads to satisfaction and ultimately fulfillment in life.

And of course, peace, satisfaction and fulfillment in life - is the goal of human life.

Please read and comment your views.

Thanks !

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How To Overcome Procrastination
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                                              Temptation of procrastination !

In this article, I share with my readers my learning on the subject, observation, inferences drawn and implementation in practical life. 

And as per my policy, I never try to advise or suggest anything related to medical issues to my readers. In such cases, obviously, medical advice is recommended.

What is procrastination - my understanding

Let me share one incident I experienced in my working days.  I was next to the in-charge of the section. My senior was expected to inform  all the concerned about one important meeting scheduled for the week end. I observed that he was simply postponing the process of intimating the concerned about the schedule of the meeting on some or the other pretext.  I reminded him twice about the urgency of the matter. But to no avail. Time was running out. And the inevitable thing started threatening him. He rushed to me at the eleventh hour literally begging me to help him out in the situation.  

I did that, of course.  But it was very demanding situation for me compelling me to work late in the evening prior to the meeting.

This all happened because of only one reason - my senior was procrastinating the important task in hand with some or other excuse. And I was the sufferer.

Incidentally I later learnt that this tendency of mind is known as procrastination.

What exactly is procrastination?

Procrastination is the tendency to avoid unpleasant or stressful tasks that are often very important and replace them with less important, less stressful tasks.

Is procrastination a mental illness?

Procrastination itself is not a mental health diagnosis.

Psychological studies often associate procrastination with reduced mental health, higher level of stress and lower levels of well-being.

Effect of procrastination -poor performance- consequences of financial situations resulted from procrastinating important decisions.

(Source :


Why do we procrastinate?

Because we feel the task to be undertaken is difficult, challenging and moreover the fear of facing failure. Who wants to face failure?

Here I would like to quote the interesting case of my close friend who in our college days got attracted towards a beautiful girl in his class. He used to share with me his feeling towards her and often expressed his eagerness to propose her. But he needed advice of his best friends (at that time myself).  I expressed my inability due to no knowledge in such matter. But offered him my considered opinion that if he truly loves her and thinks that she also loves him, then he should go ahead and reach the conclusion of the matter once and for all. 

But as it happens, he went on postponing the process of proposing her. Till completion of our graduation, nothing happened. Then as usual, we took separate route in our respective life. And after a gap of five years, when we happened to meet in person, I came to know that he had missed the bus. He never really proposed the girl. All this because what he did - he procrastinated the proposal process.

But this is what the hefty price one has to pay for procrastinating.

Well, procrastination does affect our life in this way also.  And there can be so many aspects of our life which are likely to be affected by our tendency of procrastinating. And we may not even be aware of that.

How we procrastinate?

By opting to get engaged in a lesser important task.

What is the main cause of procrastination?

It is my observation that basically procrastination indicates lack of self confidence, enough knowledge of the related issue as well as unstable mind.

This inevitably leads to reluctance to engage oneself in new or routine but challenging tasks for the fear of failure or embarrassment likely to be faced.

The effective way is to build up, maintain, and increase self-confidence and acquiring knowledge of the related task.

For this purpose, one must-
  • understand meaning and significance of supreme values of life- freedom, peace, love, compassion, truth.
  • understand the meaning and significance of polarities in life - truth and untruth, justice and injustice, moral and amoral, ethical and unethical, right and wrong and so on.
  • be able to make right choice while making decisions.
  • be able to pay attention not to the peripheral  but the central issues.

Having developed the above awareness, one can concentrate on the issues being tackled and also develop self-confidence while in the decision making process. 

Thus, one will be readily prepared to accept the consequences of the decisions taken. 

And there will be no fear of failure or any disappointment. As one learns from own experience.  

And this builds strong foundation to accept day today challenges and tackle the same effectively with full confidence.  

Having the attitude of being a mature,  strong and responsible person is also  significant.  


Based on my own experience, let me share with you - 

I ensured that I do understand the polarities in values in day today life mentioned above.

This step gave me confidence and enabled me to make right choices wherever it was time for me to take decisions.  

Having strong foundation of making right choices and making right decisions in life, I was fully prepared to accept the consequences of my own decision making in life.  

This led to no hesitation on my part.  In fact I am always very eager to take in hand the task expected from me,  work on it and complete it efficiently in time.

This also enables me to read the circumstances and take appropriate action.

If we try to understand what is life and the constraints we have to face, we cannot ignore the significance of time in our life.  

Then there will be no question procrastinating any task expected from us.  

Because time once gone is gone for ever - cannot be brought back to mend our decisions. 

What is your experience?  And will you suggest your effective method of avoiding procrastination?

Let me know.

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How To Work Hard Without Getting TIred

How To Work Hard Without Getting Tired
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In this article, let me share my own experiences as well as those of others, and the wisdom learnt therefrom while I was required to work hard without getting tired.

Application of this wisdom learnt enabled me to work hard for long hour without getting tired.

How do I stop being tired and lazy?

Change the mindset.  If we think negatively - oh, really I am getting tired - feeling lazy, we are bound to think and feel tired and lazy.

Instead we should think that we are eager to work hard - feel the energy and enthusiasm all the time - feel the vigor throughout the day.

Why do I feel so tired when I don't do anything?

It is said that man's quest is seeking happiness.  And for this purpose, every one is working hard to achieve the standard of living desired.  So much so that he often ignores small small happiness in the life - for example beautiful sunrise, birds chirping in the morning, children enthusiasm at the end of the school day etc.  And in such lifestyle, one feels tired, lacking energy at different intervals of time- say in the afternoon, especially after lunch, in the evening, in the night.

And one has to face the vicious circle of tired mind -tired body-overall tiredness-lack of energy.


Those were the days when I had to commute 4 hours to and fro daily attending my office. In addition to this I had to work 11 hours in the office. Though I was young at the time, I started getting feeling of intense tiredness. And this was natural.

During those days, a new tv channel started showing Yoga sessions, both in the morning and evening.  In the morning I opted for my 20 minutes routine of regular exercise. However, in the evening I opted for Yoga session watching the tv channel. 

The results were amazing. That intense feeling of tiredness  gradually vanished. This was obvious due to my eagerness in playing with my kids after returning from my office. And this is what I needed badly.  The regular Pranayam (breathing exercises) and Yoga helped me.

Now, thanks to UNO's recognition, International Day of Yoga is observed on 21 June every year.

But looking at the way it is observed, I often feel that the core topic is ignored by all and only peripheral things are being given importance.

I do not like giving importance to the peripheral things related to Yoga - eg. pay attention to wearing stylish dress, i.e. track suit, t-shirt etc., sport shoes, Yoga mat. Perhaps you will like to read my article - International Day of Yoga wherein I have shared with my readers the things I avoid while doing Yoga. 


How can I work long hours and not get tired?

This is the question one faces when feeling tired often during the course of a working day.  Especially those who have young kids waiting at home. 

It is said that when we put any efforts in even natural process like breathing, we get tired soon. For example, when we breath naturally, we do not get tired.  But while doing Pranayama, breathing vigorously make is tired very soon.  And we want to resume normal breathing. 

Therefore, first part of mantra is do not even think like putting extra efforts while working. Work in a natural rhythm. 

How can I work long hours and not get tired? 

Now remember an occasion when you spend hours in your favorite hobby, -like reading books, watching movies, conversing with your close friends.  
Engaging in sports make us get physically tired but we feel very much energetic.  And our mind and body both are rejuvenated. 

Because you are 100 percent involved. 

Therefore, the second part of my mantra is 100 per cent involvement in what we are doing.

Remember spending time with your close friend?

Or reading your favorite novel?

Or watching cartoon serials?

Or when you pray God with full devotion?

Or playing outdoor games? 

After finishing such activities, we realize that we are unaware of time, place and such worldly matters. 

We feel rejuvenated at body, mind and spirit levels.  

And we eager to engage in the next work at hand.


How can I motivate myself everyday?

After getting up in the morning, if we think even once to take leave for the day and take rest, this thought dominates our mind to such an extent that we really do take casual leave and spend the day resting.

Therefore, how we start the day right from waking up in the morning is deciding factor.

In my experience, how I get up in the morning decides the nature of my performance throughout the day. 

After waking up in the morning I avoid the luxury of spending time just lying in bed. I immediately get up. Sit on the bed only. Close eyes for a few minutes. And repeat the self affirmations in my mind. For example, 

  • I am healthy  
  • I am enthusiastic  
  • I am energetic  
  • I am fresh  
  • I am confident  
  • I am efficient 
  • I am involved 100 percent in my work  
  • I always give the expected result from my performance.


How can I boost my energy level?

Generally, for this purpose people opt for stuffing their stomach now and then.

It is very famous quote -  Eat Breakfast like a kindlunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper-,  American author and nutritionist Adelle Davis.

In Ayurveda, it is advised to have mita ahaar - that means the nutrition must be balanced one - neither malnutrition nor excess nutrition both of which invite serious health issues.

Further, our diet should include six tastes, not in every food we have, but in rotation - namely, 
  • sweet 
  • sour 
  • salty 
  • bitter 
  • astringent 
  • pungent
Regarding quantity of food intake, it is stated in Ayurveda that it should be for satisfying purpose only and not for filling up the stomach.

We must remember that light stomach enables us to work hard.

The above observations and learning are really significant and useful in practical life. And one can experience that it boosts the energy level to a great extent. 

And finally, one should have strong will to work hard throughout the day.  

And implementation of the above wisdom, enabled me to work hard without getting tired. 

Your comments are most welcome !

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Amazing Technique of Manifestation

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What is the most powerful manifestation technique?

What is the 3 6 9 manifestation method?

What is the 555 method?

What are some of the manifestation techniques?

This is what everyone wants to know.

One more curiosity -

Does negative manifestation work?

Well, obviously it will not.  

In my view, negativity is against the nature. 


Now, let me go into a few basic requirements -

    -Strong belief in supreme values of life- freedom, love, peace, compassion for every living being.

    -Strict follower of nature and natural laws.

    -Follower of non-violence - i.e. discarding  physical violence and violence by even thought process.

    -Ability to love all and being loved by all.

    -Being always positive. (Except medical tests, especially test for Covid-19)

Can we communicate with our subconscious mind ? How?


For this, read my article on own experience - What about training the subconscious mind?

In this article, however,instead of going in to the academics of the term manifestation technique, I have preferred to share my own understanding and application of the same which has given me astonishing results in my life. 

And I really cannot stop myself from doing the same.  Because the same can be helpful to all my ardent readers all over the world.


Let me share my experience in the subject matter  with due respect to my own privacy.

As mentioned earlier, violating natural laws one cannot expect desired results of this amazing process of manifestation technique which basically communicates to our subconscious mind. And as is well known, it is our subconscious mind that bring into reality what is impressed on it. By way of thinking often, visualizing the resolution done as completely materialized our subconscious mind is impressed and starts believing the resolution as reality. And this enables bringing together all the forces of universe active in the form of vibrations to help materialize the resolution done.

While deciding on the method, my attention was to select the timing - and I learnt through my hobby of reading many books on the subject that just 5 minutes immediately before going to sleep in the night and after getting up in the morning is the ideal time to communicate with the subconscious mind our resolution we desire to be materialized. 

Apart from this, any time when we are in relaxed mood, say after lunch, tea break in the afternoon etc. is also suitable for the purpose.

While thinking the aspect of impressing the subconscious mind, I decided to use God given five sense organs in the process.

And the basic need is to follow the natural laws and expectations of the mother nature i.e.

  • to respect freedom peace and love for every living being,
  • make all the possible efforts so that God shall express through us,
  • feel happiness,
  • express happiness,
  • share happiness 
  • have no doubts in mind about the effectiveness of the technique.
  • to apply the technique with 100 per cent conviction.
and so on.


Apart from this, to follow the rules mentioned by  Maharshi Patanjali in his Ashtanga Yoga Sutra in Yama and Niyama, the first two steps. (See my article :  How to learn meditation at once?

Remember, if we want to achieve some thing, we must ensure that we are qualified for the set goals.

For example, if the manifestation is regarding deep desire of having a sweet grandson my technique of manifestation which gives  amazing results starts in the following steps -

    -Sit in a relaxed position

    -Eyes closed

    -Take deep breath for three times

    -Praying for good health, peace of mind, fulfillment in life and prosperity of every living being.

    -Expression of gratitude for whatever I have and I am

    -I see the image of my grandson/granddaughter (for this I have already seen images on the internet of the just born sweet lovable kids)

    -I can hear the soft cry of the new born baby, perhaps for drawing attention of the mother.

    -I can see the baby being brought near me and feel the strong desire to breathe in deeply the baby's scent. This is the same feeling when I see beautiful flowers -to breathe in their fragrance.

    -The taste of baby skin lingers on my tongue.

    -I cannot resist my urge to kiss the baby's soft and moist cheeks. I enjoy touching the baby cheeks.

    -I think to myself yes, I have a very sweet, enchanting, smart grandson/granddaughter.

    -The baby is observing me for a long duration and  suddenly starts crying loudly.

    -I get scared, looking at my daughter in law, I ask - what happened? why the baby is crying.

    -Because the baby wants to sleep. 

    -I realize that the mother of the new born baby is the best person to state what the baby wants to communicate. And she is not only natural listener but the best interpreter also.

    -It is the reality - I have a lovely and attractive first grandson/granddaughter.

    -I feel grateful to see my desire fulfilled.

    -I express gratitude.

    -I pray every one's desire is fulfilled in the same way. 

Dear readers, In the above example, I have explained the technique I applied in details in a generalized manner and not specifically related to me or my grandson/granddaughter.  

I must say here that the above technique was applied by me on seven different occasions spread on a period of last eight years. And this has given me amazing results, i.e. to say +100% desired, for which I am grateful ever.

I hope this article will prove helpful for any one desirous of positive things at different stages of life. 

I wish Good Luck !

Next time...... 





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This is a typical question you must have contemplated seriously at least once in life.

What is a peaceful death

Most of the people are scared of death.  You and me - no exception, right?

Every body wishes to live longer or rather an eternal life.

The question regarding our own death starts haunting us - like 

  • how 
  • in what form
  • will it be natural or accidental
  • whether we will be bedridden for a long period before welcoming own death. 
Such contemplation is but natural due to the  concern for our own loved ones, dear ones,  dependents, spouse, children, property, wealth and so on.



Peaceful Own Death


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Is death peaceful process?

Generally, peaceful death implies -

  • the dying person settles all the transactions related to the material world satisfying every one
  • manner of dying - dying without pains, preferably in deep sleep, having not to live bed-ridden for days, or any accidental and painfully violent death


The next question comes to mind is -


Well, as is known, death is very uncertain, unpredictable. 

No body has been able to claim to have peaceful own death only. 

But if asked, every body will, after initial hesitation, express his desire for peaceful death.

And our inner most desire is, if death is inevitable, then let it be peaceful. At least painless.

But the definition  of own peaceful death varies.

For example, one concentrates on how to have peaceful death having settled every thing related to the material world.


Such people try to make all possible arrangements- like preparation of will in time, lay down preferences for the last rites to be performed, ensuring proper disposal of their material property etc.

At the same time, some try to take care of post-death arrangements- like type and place of last rites to be performed, whom to invite and so on. 

In short, what one thinks important, pays attention to that aspect of death.

But  the kind of death is totally different matter.

And every one wants natural, peaceful death, preferably while in deep sleep.

No body wants to get bed-ridden waiting for the last relief, wasting days and troubling others by lying in coma etc.

No body wants painful death. And it is natural also.

And when we observe wide spectrum of forms of death, we some time wonder what could be the eligibility criteria  for peaceful own death.

And inevitably it is found that there is no such criteria at all. One can only pray and hope for peaceful own death.

I remember people used to remark about death in the neighborhood - oh, he/she was a great and pious soul, even preferred to die in the evening thereby ensuring that people could have their lunch at proper time.

And the Hindu religion’s concept of karma (action of merit) inevitably comes to our mind. Do good karma and every thing will be fine.

And there are concepts of hell and heaven in almost all the religions.

And thus at the advance stage of ageing,without fail, one  recalls the good and bad karmas in own life and the likely consequences of the same to be faced.

But we must understand that simply worrying and having fear of own death is not going to help us. Life takes its own course. And no body can predict it.

They say cricket is game of glorious uncertainty. But the inevitable death is more so.  

Then what to do?

Let me share what I think and do.

We should not be afraid of ageing. We must acknowledge and accept the fact that it is a part of life cycle - taking birth, growing, procreate,  survive and perish.

As is well known, death is our old faithful friend that liberates us from all the worldly suffering.

And we will be fortunate if our life is a typical one - timely birth, growth,procreation and perish.



Let us remember, one always desires to see birth of own children, grand children. This is human nature. The desired extension goes on.

And the belief that good karma leads to good results is logical. Action and reaction is equal.

After all, mother nature ensures that every living entity takes birth, flourishes, procreates and perishes. No one can interfere in that process.

Therefore, one must live life -

  • which does not trouble others,
  • is full of love and compassion for every living ones, 
  • having a perfect normal health, helping others in whatever means possible.

And more important, we should ensure our own peace of mind in the present by not worrying often and much about the form of death we are going to embrace in the future. Its beyond our own control.

And we must prefer to address our own death as a true friend and not an enemy.

Because death liberates us from all the  suffering. 

What do you think?

Comment please.



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